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I did this somewhat Picasso style clown drawing for a co-worker’s farewell card. It was nice trying to emulate this kind of stuff, a first for me.

The whole ‘Akti’ comic in its entirety!!!

As it was requested I have posted the complete ‘Akti’ (Act) comic here on Farsketched. I edited the older post so read it below and please leave a comment!

Keep on doodling

I had a flu – so here’s some more feverous pencil doodles =)



I mean Surprise! More Doodles!


All work and no play…

This was actually a work project, a character for the fair stands of City of Vantaa at the SavExpo fair. I did a few versions of this guy and plenty of speech bubbles, too.


Oh my god, it’s full of… doodles!

Nice to see plenty of people have been curious enough to check out my new blog. So here’s some more, yeah, pencil doodles i.e. automatic drawing. Anybody get the book/movie reference in the topic?


‘Akti’ comic, ADULTS ONLY!!! Now COMPLETE!!!

Here are all the pages of my new science fiction comic Akti (Act) for the Finnish SF mag Tähtivaeltaja. The four-page story appeared in the 03/2009 sex-themed issue. There is both a Finnish and an English version here.

While not intended as porn this comic deals with matters of sexual nature so please don’t read this if you are likely to be offended. I would love to hear your comments. EDIT: As requested here is the whole story in its entirety.

Finnish version on the top, English version on the bottom

Doodles and doodles

More automatic pencil doodling on automatic.doodles_05doodles_06

More doodles

Here is some more mindless pencil doodling.doodles_03doodles_04

First doodle post

Here’s some stream-of-consciousness pencil doodles. Click to view in bigger size.doodles_01doodles_02